Workout Buddy

I can help you start your journey towards getting fit.


HIIT, HIRT, HILIT since 2019
Muay Thai since 2021


Get started the right way

With me as your buddy, you can overcome the following:
1. Lack of motivation and discipline
2. Shyness to enter a gym
3. Not knowing where to start

I can help you get started with simple workouts based on your needs, understand the importance of good forms, and answer any lifestyle questions you may have!

Try Muay Thai

Join me for a 45-minute to 1-hour session of Muay Thai! Let me be your partner to teach you the ropes and learn why it's one of the best workouts.

My rate is $50 for a single 1-hour session, whether online or offline. Ask for package deals.

Whatever you need, I am here for you. Contact me now.

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